Marietta Probate Litigation Lawyer

The need for legal representation in probate litigation can arise because of various disputes. These disputes can cause hard feelings among family members already dealing with the loss of a loved one.

The law office of G. Cleveland Payne III, P.C. represents executors, administrators, heirs and family members involved in disputes during probate. We understand the emotional aspects involved and offer compassionate representation and strong advocacy when you need it most.

Are you involved in a disagreement regarding a deceased person's final wishes? To schedule your consultation with a lawyer, please call (770) 424-1400. You may also email us and to obtain a prompt response to your questions.

Is a Will Contest at the Core of the Dispute?

When an estate is going through probate, disputes may arise over the validity of the will or over its interpretation, if the decedent's intentions are ambiguous. Family members may claim the individual was under undue influence or duress at the time the will was signed or incompetent at the time decisions were made. Fraud allegations might also serve to invalidate an estate plan. Attorney G. Cleveland Payne III can uphold your argument for or against the validity of the will throughout probate litigation proceedings.

Our firm strives to prove the actual intent of the decedent, providing strong advocacy for your position throughout the process. There are time limits that exist for bringing forward a will contest. We can work swiftly within these time constraints toward a favorable resolution on your behalf.

Contact a Georgia Attorney For Help With Will Contest Disputes

If you have questions about the validity of a will, or if you believe you have been deprived of your rightful inheritance, contact the law office of G. Cleveland Payne III, P.C. to schedule your consultation and learn your options for resolving the dispute in probate litigation.