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A surviving spouse and minor children have the right to receive from the deceased spouse's estate an amount necessary for maintenance and support for one year (12 months). This is called Year's Support, or 12-month support. It is an opportunity for a spouse and minor children to receive financial assistance from estate assets before creditors are paid.

While beneficial to the spouse and minor children, the granting of Year's Support may reduce the estate assets received by other beneficiaries. For this reason, a petition for the year's support may be contested in Probate Court.

Experienced Probate and Estate Administration Representation

The law office of G. Cleveland Payne III, P.C., in Marietta, Georgia, represents surviving spouses, minor children and other beneficiaries involved in probate and estate administration disputes. We understand how Year's Support works and how to successfully secure or challenge the action. No matter which side of the issue our clients are on, we offer compassionate representation and strong advocacy on their behalf.

Are you involved in a disagreement regarding a Year's Support action? To schedule a consultation with an attorney, please call (770) 424-1400. You can also e-mail us and we will answer your question promptly.

Who We Represent: Spouses, Minor Children and Other Heirs or Beneficiaries

Year's Support is a separate legal action from the administration of the estate. We will file a petition for Year's Support on behalf of the surviving spouse and any minor children. If contested, we will put together specific and clear reasons why the support is needed.

We also provide guidance to other heirs and beneficiaries. Adult children and their heirs will be served with a cop of the support petition, and we will explain what the petition means for your specific situation and whether or not you should object.

Year's Support Involves Unique Challenges

We understand the emotional aspects involved when someone is served with a Year's Support notice. This is especially challenging when the spouse is a second wife and has been married to the decedent for only a short period, or has a poor relationship with other heirs-at-law.

We fight for family members who feel they are being cheated out of their inheritance. We work hard to make certain the surviving spouse is not granted an unfair portion of the estate.

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