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A conservatorship is the process by which the court appoints a person to receive, collect and make decisions about the property of a minor or an incapacitated adult. Conservators manage funds for the care, education, welfare and safety of the person. Conservators for incapacitated adults must also take into consideration the express desires and personal values of the ward, when making financial decisions.

This important appointment must be used reasonably and respectfully. The Atlanta conservatorship lawyers at G. Cleveland Payne III P.C. will help you understand your duties and responsibilities, while helping you deal with any questions that may arise.

Marietta Minor Conservatorship Lawyer

When it has been determined that a conservatorship is necessary, there is a rather lengthy process that must be followed. It is our goal to carefully examine your situation and provide valuable insight into the obstacles you might face through litigation.

There are two main types of conservatorship.

  • Conservatorship for minors: This is especially applicable when the minor has been left life insurance proceeds or assets from the deceased parents. It is necessary for an adult to provide guidance and make financial decisions until the minor is of age.
  • Conservatorship for adults: When the mental capacity and functioning of an adult becomes severely impaired, this, unfortunately, can lead to exploitation and unnecessary hardships due to poor decision making or inexperience. A conservatorship for an adult can be established through the probate court. It is better to have a conservator who is related to the ward, but it is not necessary. This requires a high degree of responsibility and stable fiduciary relationship to handle the assets of the person for whom the conservatorship is established.

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