Stepparent Adoption Lawyer

When it comes to representing cases in family law, we always welcome the chance to help clients welcome a new child into their family. Adoptions can take on many different forms and represent a wide variety of scenarios. Our law office is pleased to provide legal services for stepparent adoptions in Marietta and the surrounding area.

A stepparent adoption commonly involves a situation in which a child's non-custodial biological parent has passed away or no longer has a relationship with the child. When there is a custodial stepparent who resides with the child and has already developed a relationship with him or her, a stepparent adoption is typically considered. In most cases, stepparent adoptions are straightforward. We will simply provide legal evidence that the child's non-custodial parent is deceased or is willing to terminate parental rights so that we can petition for a legal adoption. Although stepparent adoptions are often without complications, you can trust that our law firm is ready to tenaciously assert your rights and fight for the best interest of the child if there is any contest or issue that arises. A stepparent adoption will award the adoptive stepparent the full rights and obligations of a birth parent.

A Caring Approach to Gain Legal Custody of Your Stepchild

Compassionate counsel and strong advocacy are the hallmark of our law firm. When choosing G. Cleveland Payne III for your stepparent adoption, you will find that he takes a caring approach to understand the details and concerns of your unique situation before moving forward. Mr. Payne carries exceptional experience and a depth of knowledge when it comes to the legal adoption process under Georgia law. With his former training in Pastoral care and counseling, you can trust that your stepparent adoption process will remain the meaningful and special event that it should be.

For more information about the stepparent adoption process or to schedule a consultation with G. Cleveland Payne III in Marietta, please contact our office today. When handling family law cases, we understand the importance of being aware of the unique dynamics of your family and sensitive to the emotionally-charged nature of family law matters.