Christian Family & Divorce Lawyer

The conflicts surrounding family law can often involve deep hurt, confusion and anxiety. Considering the personal nature of divorce and child custody, it can be an invaluable advantage to have legal representation and guidance from an attorney who shares your religious beliefs. G. Cleveland Payne III is proud to serve Marietta residents as a trusted and highly skilled Christian lawyer in divorce and all areas of family law. Not only does he carry over 33 years of experience in family law, but Mr. Payne also has a counseling background and training in Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy. These unique credentials support his mission to provide sound legal strategy as well as compassionate counsel and guidance for clients who are involved in family law and divorce cases.

As a Christian Divorce Attorney, Mr. Payne is a strong advocate for protecting your family and saving your marriage. If reconciliation is not possible through counseling or other means, he is ready to provide aggressive litigation to protect your rights and best interests at every turn. Our Marietta law office values the importance of personal attention, prompt response and tailored legal strategies to help you obtain the most favorable outcome in your family law case.

An Attorney Who Shares Your Values

Whether we are representing you in alimony, child custody, child support, property division or a contested divorce, you can trust that Attorney G. Cleveland Payne III will work hard to reduce conflict levels and help you explore all possible options for resolution. Mr. Payne understands, from his own experience, the brokenness and pain which result from divorce. Mr. Payne is prepared to offer both legal and faith-based counsel to help you heal and move forward in a positive light.

If you are considering divorce or separation and need a caring Christian Family Law Attorney by your side, contact G. Cleveland Payne III, PC in Marietta today to schedule your consultation. Having a lawyer who shares your moral stance and values can make the process of legal resolve much less challenging.