Divorce and Division of Retirement Accounts in Georgia

With so many couples getting married later in life, a divorce can become complex. These individuals might bring multiple properties, savings accounts and retirement accounts to the new marriage. When it becomes necessary to separate marital from nonmarital assets, the skills of an experienced Marietta attorney are necessary.

Divorce and division of retirement accounts in Georgia can become a complex process. The lawyer at G. Cleveland Payne III P.C. has decades of experience guiding clients through divorce and related disputes. We understand that correctly dividing pension or retirement accounts is a priority in most divorces. Clients count on our firm to carefully examine finances to determine what an equitable division involves.

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Whether your concern involves an IRA account, 401(k), pension or annuities, our firm has the necessary experience to guide you to an efficient conclusion. Determining a premarital portion of a retirement account can be challenging. Additionally, a large portion of the calculation involves the marital and nonmarital appreciation. We can partner with the appropriate financial experts to ensure that the account is properly valued and divided.

Individuals such as homemakers or stay-at-home moms are concerned about the division of assets in a divorce. A spouse who has made no contribution to the retirement account still has a right to share in any retirement account that was established during the marriage. We encourage you to contact our firm to learn more about your rights and options.

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