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Counseling Clients Through the Dissolution of Marriage Process in Georgia

If you are experiencing a divorce, or if your spouse has said he or she wants a divorce, you are probably feeling a range of emotions. The law office of G. Cleveland Payne III, P.C., can provide compassionate representation and strong advocacy when you need it most. We understand the stress, anxiety and confusion you are feeling.

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Have You Considered Reconciliation?

Marietta divorce attorney G. Cleveland Payne III has a counseling background as well as training and education in Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy. He encourages you and your spouse to explore counseling and consider reconciliation. Many couples can work through their problems and emerge better than they were before divorce was even considered.

That being said, if reconciliation of your divorce is not an option, our firm can aggressively represent your interests in family court.

Assisting With All Matters of Divorce

You must resolve many issues during your divorce. Let our Georgia family law firm help you with the following:

  • Child custody and visitation rights: Our firm strives for each parent to have meaningful access to their children. We help make parenting time arrangements that serve the best interests of your child. We help assert a fathers rights for custody and visitation. We also advocate for grandparents' rights during pending custody or visitation actions, as well as help mothers assert their rights in court.
  • Child support: Child support in Georgia is determined by statutory guidelines, which analyze both parents' gross income to determine an appropriate level of support. We can also help you obtain a modification for support or custody when circumstances change such as when a relocation or move-away situation arises.
  • Alimony: We can help you petition for temporary or permanent spousal support. to be awarded and payable monthly, for a brief time, an extended time, and sometimes awarded as a lump sum.
  • Property division: In Georgia, property is subject to equitable distribution during divorce. Property may include the marital home, bank accounts, vehicles, real estate property, businesses, hidden assets and retirement plans and any property involved in a high-asset divorce.
  • Adultery and spousal abuse: We assist clients who have been the victim of adulty or physical or emotional abuse get the results they need.

Legal Separation (Separate Maintenance)

If you and your spouse want to separate, but do not want to divorce, you may want to consider a separate maintenance action (also called a legal separation). This allows you to resolve issues relating to property, custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and all other issues while maintaining the legal relationship of marriage between you and your spouse. This is a favorable option for couples with certain religious beliefs, or for those who want to maintain the legal benefits bestowed on married couples.

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