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Are you the biological father of a child and desire to establish paternity? By establishing paternity, you can obtain parental rights to visitation, parenting time and other privileges and responsibilities. The law office of G. Cleveland Payne III, P.C. strives for each parent to have a meaningful relationship with his or her children. Through a successful legitimation action, you can establish paternity and the opportunity of developing a relationship with your child.

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Compassionate Representation and Strong Advocacy in Legitimation Suits

If you are the biological father, your rights can be established by petitioning for legitimation. Our firm files legitimation petitions on behalf of biological fathers. Paternity can be established through various types of paternity tests including DNA tests and blood tests. Once paternity is established, the father will be named a legal parent, have legal standing to request parenting time and visitation rights and allow his child to inherit from him.

G. Cleveland Payne III understands the needs of fathers who want to spend quality time with their children. He offers compassionate guidance during this time and seeks the favorable result you want.

Paternity Actions

Our firm also handles paternity actions on behalf of mothers interested in establishing the paternity of their child. Paternity must be established for the court to order child support.

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