Marietta Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

A final decree and divorce judgment will include every issue which was settled through mediation or tried by the court. Items such as child support, spousal support and visitation will be clearly defined through the judgment. While it is true that a divorce decree can be modified, failure to follow the terms of the judgment can result in serious consequences.

The Marietta child support enforcement attorney at G. Cleveland Payne III P.C. will take the time to carefully examine your situation. Through thorough investigation and attention to detail, we will determine what options you have through the legal process.

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Cobb County Contempt Order Attorney

Failure to follow a settlement agreement and final decree can result in the court taking drastic measures. It is important to remember that if you are not receiving the proper support payments, of if your court-ordered access to your child (visitation) is being denied, contact an experienced lawyer. Many individuals wish to take matters into their own hands by withholding visitation or not respecting their financial obligations. In truth, by doing this, you are also in violation of the divorce judgment.

Most often, the party that fails to follow the divorce decree will be held in contempt. In addition to contempt, we can pursue income deduction orders — also referred to as income withholding orders — and the garnishment of bank accounts. This can be a complex process, so if you are struggling because of failure to follow a divorce order, contact an experienced attorney today.

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