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Experienced Parent Relocation Lawyer in Georgia

Do you want to relocate to another city in Georgia, or move to another state with your child? Are you concerned that the custodial parent is trying to keep your child away from you? The law office of G. Cleveland Payne III, P.C. represents clients in parent relocation and move-away disputes. Our goal is find a solution that protects the best interests of the children, while allowing parents the flexibility to live where they choose.

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Serving Family Law Clients in Negotiations and Litigation

With a background in counseling, attorney G. Cleveland Payne III understands the emotional impact that moving away has on both the parents and the children. We encourage clients to work with the other party on negotiating a different plan to avoid the additional stress and anxiety of litigation. Many couples find that talking through the issues and explaining their positions honestly may satisfy everyone's needs and desire to spend time with the children.

If litigation is necessary, parents need to understand that a judge will always do what he or she thinks is best for the child. If the custodial parent wants to move, but the child is established in school and has close friends in the area, the judge may decide to grant the other parent primary child custody.

Strong Advocacy in Relocation Matters

Our firm has assisted many clients with relocation and child move-away issues. We provide strong advocacy for your rights as a parent and your interests in these situations.

Contact a Powder Springs Lawyer if Your Child is Moving Away

If you wish to relocate with your child after a divorce, or you want to question the intentions of the relocating parent, contact the law office of G. Cleveland Payne III, P.C. Schedule your consultation and learn how we can help.