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Establishing Parenting Plans & Child Visitation in Georgia

If you have children and are going through a divorce, or are considering divorce, child custody issues are probably a major concern. As a parent, you want to spend as much quality time with your children as possible. You may wonder how you will be able to ensure this after a divorce has been finalized.

The law office of G. Cleveland Payne III, P.C. prefers parenting plans that are in the best interests of a child and allow both parents to have significant, meaningful and quality time with their children.

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What Is the Difference Between Physical Custody and Legal Custody?

Our firm understands parents have many questions about custody arrangements.

  • Legal custody provides for each parent to have input into major decisions that are made about the children. These decisions can include health care, education, religion and even extra-curricular activities.
  • Physical custody refers to the primary residence of the children. Joint physical custody (sometimes referred to as shared custody) anticipates the children spending equal time with each parent.

Parenting plans can include variations of physical custody, legal custody and visitation. For example, a parent may have sole physical custody, but share joint legal custody with the other parent. If you live in another state than the other parent, your child may spend the school year with you and the summer months with the other parent.

G. Cleveland Payne III provides compassionate representation and strong advocacy when you need it most. He understands the important role each parent plays in a child's life, and he understands how important your children are to you. He will help you make parenting agreements according to the best interests of your child.

Our firm also helps assert grandparents' rights to visitation in appropriate cases.

Modification of Child Custody and Visitation Agreements

If circumstances change after the divorce is finalized if a parent wishes to relocate to another city or state, for example we can assist with child custody and visitation modifications.

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